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Celebrities Who Paid for Student Loan Debt

A lot of students in America are dependent on using student loans to finish their education and graduate.

It is a fact that $1.3 trillion of student loans are all on U.S students and in the year 2016, almost all students finishing their education owed over $37,000. Having debt from school can be pretty frustrating, it will really bother anyone, right? Just relax, do not let that debt take control.

A lot of celebrities were also in the same position before, they also had to pay off some student loan debts. Even those celebrities are still paying off the debt today.

You can check out the celebrities that were in the same shoes that you are in today.

The One and Only President Barack Obama

You should know that Barack Obama was also in the same shoes you are in right now. Barack Obama was able to finish schooling in Harvard but he was under a lot of student debt. Barack Obama was not able to pay the student debt right away, he just recently paid them off after becoming a U.S senator.

Even his wife, Michelle Obama also took student loans. The couple said that they should start saving up for their daughter’s education as well. They were spending all of their earnings on their student loans.

In the year 2010, Obama’s Loan Forgiveness program was implemented shortly. Obama designed the program to help those students who are in the same ordeal he was in before. The program helped people, it lowered interest and end of term forgiveness and various others.

Cecil Shorts was Once Just Like You

You should know that Cecil Shorts, one of the best receivers in the NFL never had a athletic scholarship. He was able to pay for his education because he worked at part time jobs and took out loans. He got a total of $70,000 in student loan debt.

Cecil Shorts took jobs like cutting grass to save up for the tuition. He encourages people to do summer jobs so that student loans will be less.

You should not let poverty end your life, if you think about quitting because of how unfair life can be, that will not be the right mind set, you should work hard because you were not given the same disposition as those other kids had but that does not mean you are not blessed.

Life can be harsh sometimes, it can be good but sometimes the things just don’t follow your flow and that can be frustrating so just be sure to persevere and work hard, do summer jobs and part time jobs to lessen the student loans.

You should pay off the debts after you graduate and once you get a good job, you can start with paying off the debt right after.