The Importance of Handling Your Estate in Singapore

One of the worse things that can happen when a person dies is that his or her estate is not in place legally and all kinds of legal woes ensue. If a person does not take the time to leave a will stating what is to become of his or her property, the court system will make the decisions. Sometimes family members will begin to fight over the property. It never looks pretty. To keep matters like this from happening, the responsible person will hire a lawyer to get his or her estate properly taken care of.

In Singapore, the matters may be a little different for handling estates. To ensure that a person’s income and property ends up in the right hands after his or her death, the thing to do is to go to an estate and probate lawyer. Not only will this lawyer handle what happens after a person dies, but also creates documents for people who become mentally incapacitated, or otherwise unable to handle their own affairs competently. What needs to happen is the creation of a power of attorney. If this isn’t created, mishaps could occur. For example, a person could wake up after being in a coma and find his or her affairs in disarray.

The person who is setting up the disposition of his or her estate will want to appoint an executor who will have his or her best interests at heart. It would be a tragedy to leave this undone and have the courts appoint someone as an executor who will do things contrary to what is desired. Yet, it happens more times than not. When the courts have to appoint an executor, they choose according to the legal relationship to the deceased, and not necessarily what the deceased would have chosen.

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