the dangers of using marijuana are as follows

Cannabis is the cause of cancer. When compared with tobacco-generated smoke, cannabis smoke has a 50 to 70% risk as cancer. Cannabis contains carcinogens and THC that produce cancer-causing benzyprene, for detail Sarasota Marijuana Doctors
May increase the risk of lung disorders. Marijuan smoke contains carcinogenic concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) higher than tobacco smoke. Smoking marijuana generally smokes more smoke in longer periods of time, and stores 4 times more tar in their lungs, which can increase their risk of developing lung disease significantly.
Heart problems. The risk of heart attack increases in the first hour after using marijuana. Smoking marijuana can cause a higher heart rate and cause tension in the heart of its users. When the heart beats faster, the user may experience abnormal heart rhythms, visit Doctors in Florida
Decreases cognitive abilities. Users of marijuana may experience impaired ability to understand something as well as their level of concentration. This can lead to cannabis users more likely to have an accident or injury.
Paranoid. Paranoid is one of the usual side effects caused by using marijuana in addition to the effects of anxiety, panic, and fear. However, this effect may disappear within hours of use, detail Florida Marijuana Doctors
Schizophrenia. Excessive use of marijuana can lead to the emergence of schizophrenia, a mental disorder usually characterized by impaired thinking processes and weak emotional responses, which are usually manifested in the form of hallucinations, paranoia, and the existence of beliefs or thoughts that are inconsistent with the real world.
Lose control. A marijuana user will usually experience some side effects such as loss of control, memory impairment, difficulty in thinking and solving problems, and disruption of coordination in the muscles of the body.
Mental illness. Loss of a person’s control system due to excessive use of marijuana will make him depressed and eventually experience mental disorders. They often hallucinate, acknowledge something that does not exist, and vice versa.
Impaired fertility / fertility. The use of cannabis in long-term periods can suppress the production of hormones that help regulate the reproductive system. For men, the use of cannabis can lead to decreased sperm count and motility, and can experience erectile dysfunction. And in women, it can cause menstrual disorders, thus allowing the occurrence of problems that will lead to decreased ability to conceive.
Addiction. Additives possessed marijuana can lead to users addicted. He wants to again and again use it. Because if you stop the user can feel physical tortures such as headaches, continuous nausea, the body feels tired and listless.
Increase criminality. Cannabis addiction often creates criminal acts for its users, especially for those from middle to lower economy. They can take any action to get their cannabis needs met.
Ostracized. Someone who is known as an addict will be ostracized in a social life. He will be regarded as the bearer of a problem that could affect the people around him.

Thus the description of the benefits and dangers of using cannabis plants. May be useful.