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Roses Over Time

Roses have been existing for a very long time. But rose gardening has not been around roy avery long time yet. Roses can last up to 35 million years according to a study conducted to a fossil. Originally, roses were wild flowers. Roses were first cultivated in China. Then, it began to be cultivated in the Middle east. The Roman really liked roses. 2 factions used roses as a symbol in a war for taking over china.

The two fractions were York and Lancaster. Lancaster used a red rose to symbolise their faction, while York used a white rose.

Because of symbols used by the two factions, the war was called “The War of Roses.” Because of the discovery of roses water used as a perfume, the demand of the roses increased.
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Roses were introduced in the 18th century in England. From the first existence of the roses, it has been generalized into 4 generation. The four basic generations of roses are as follows: Species Roses, Old European Garden Roses, Hardy Repeat-Blooming Old Roses and Modern Roses.
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The very first and original roses is the Species Rose, also known as genus rosa. This type of roses has only 5 petals with a very colourful hips.

During early summer, these roses bloom. The most widely sold variety of rose today is the Rosa rugosa. The first hybrid roses were said to be found in the 18th century in European Gardens. These roses are called Old European roses.

Old European Garden Roses can be hardy plant. It is a hardy plant as well. However Old European Garden Roses may not be a very friendly as it smells since it has often been reported.

There are five classes of of this specie of rose Damask, Alba, Centifolia, Mosses and Gallica

Hardy Repeat-Blooming Old Roses only bloom every recurring summer. These could have been the most perfect specie of rose because of its great fragrance, impressive hardiness, disease resistant and beautiful flowers.

The began of the modern era of roses happend in 1867.

Do you know that three most common modern roses are hybrid tea, floribunda and the grandiflora. For roughly 35 million years, roses have been around. O ld European Garden Rose, the Species rose, genus Rosa were the species of roses found during the 18th century.

Next to these three roses was the Repeat-Blooming Old Roses .

The beginning of the era of the modern rose began when Jean-Baptiste Guillot develop the hybrid tea rose in 1867. Hybrid tea rose, floribunda and grandifloria are the modern roses that is highly available.

Roses are very special especially when you give it to people that means a lot to you. Growing roses can be easy too.